Shelters, Shacks and Shanties

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties

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If my present reader happens to be a Boy Scout or a scout-master who wants the scouts to build a tower for exhibition purposes, he can do so by following the directions here given, but if there is real necessity for haste in the erection of this tower, of course we cannot build one as tall as we might where we have more time. With a small tower all the joints may be quickly lashed together with strong, heavy twine, rope, or even wire; and in the wilderness it will probably be necessary to bind the joints with pliable roots, or cordage made of bark or withes; but as this is not a book on woodcraft we will suppose that the reader has secured the proper material for fastening the joints of the frame of this signal-tower and he must now shoulder his axe and go to the woods in order to secure the necessary timber. First let him cut eight straight polesa€”that is, as straight as he can find them. These poles should be about four and one half inches in diameter at their base and sixteen and one half feet long. After all the branches are trimmed off the poles, cut four more sticks each nine feet long and two and a half or three inches in diameter at the base; when these are trimmed into shape one will need twenty six or seven more stout sticks each four and one half feet long for braces and for flooring for the platform.After I had finished doctoring up the kitchen roof of my farmhouse, I discovered that the drainpipe from the kitchen sink had ... can be mended by bending pieces of tin up against the chimney according to the diagram shown for the tar paper and.

Title:Shelters, Shacks and Shanties
Author:Daniel Carter Beard
Publisher:Library of Alexandria - 2015-09-11


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