Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

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AUTHORSa€™ DISCLAIMER: We are not in any way experts on parenting children with disabilities. Our goal is simply to share strategies that have worked for each of us in the event it may help those in a similar situation. If youa€™re different from us (i.e., you are bright or of the perfect persuasion), we advise you not to try the following at home. On a a€œperfection-preoccupied planet, a€ sisters Gina and Patty dare to speak up about the frustrations, sadness, and stigmas they face as parents of children with disabilities (one with Aspergera€™s syndrome, the other with bipolar disorder). This refreshingly frank book, which will alternately make you want to tear your hair out and laugh your head off, should be required reading for parents of disabled children. Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid provides wise and funny advice about how to: a€c Find a support groupa€”either online or in your community a€c Ensure that your child gets the right in-school support a€c Deal with peoplea€”be they friends, family members, or strangersa€”who say or do insensitive things to you or your child a€c Find fun, safe, and inclusive extracurricular activities for your child a€c Battle your own grief and seek professional help if you need it a€c Keep the rest of the family intact in moments of crisis From the Trade Paperback edition.reason for in-patient, 16 How Does Your Engine Run? program, 251 humor/ laughter, 80, 136-37, 179-81, 208 husbands, 49, 219-20. $2! a/:0 Michael; Mike hyperlexia, 29, 238 hypermania, 4-0 hypersexuality, 239 hypomania, 40 ice creamanbsp;...

Title:Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid
Author:Gina Gallagher, Patricia Konjoian
Publisher:Harmony - 2010-08-03


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