Software Engineering for Electronic Systems Designers

Software Engineering for Electronic Systems Designers

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Why software engineering? Review of software development methods. Some notations for structured design. The real-time operating system. Integrated project support environments and software engineering toolsets. Occam. Modula-2. High level language features which support software engineering methods. Introduction to Pascal. Real-time language features to support good design methods. Introduction to real-time algorithms. Data structures. ADA - ten years of development. MASCOT 3 - an informal introductory tutorial. Real-time design tools and kernels. Software project control. Introduction to formal methods. VDM. Validation techniques I. Validation techniques II. Software execution testing. Quality assurance. Performance analysis in software design. Formal methods applied to hardware design.The graphical are further divided into system flow, system structure, and low level design aids, and the textual ... These design techniques were developed before Modula-2 and Ada existed. ... Data flow diagrams are a part of the technique of structured analysis which is described by DeMarco [1]. ... An example of a first level data flow diagram is shown in Figure 1. ... Time Cards Paychecks Payroll Figure 1 - Level 0 DFD Some Notations for Structured Design Design methodologies.

Title:Software Engineering for Electronic Systems Designers
Author:David G. Jenkins, R. C. Welland
Publisher:Peter Peregrinus Limited - 1990-01-01


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