Software evolution

Software evolution

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Offering the best, most productive way to maintain computer software, this book covers the three distinct types of maintenance: corrective (fixing defects), adaptive, (enhancements), and perfective (improving software quality). Perfective maintenance, which has received little mention elsewhere, offers a chance to identify high-cost software for restructuring or rewriting; included here are step-by-step procedures to identify and restructure these problem programs. The book is organized in the order that maintenance activities normally occur in a scheduled release. Contains many examples, bullet lists, and information mapping to highlight key points.eludes all efforts to polish or refine the quality of the software or documentation. The following examples illustrate the range of activities that are included under the perfective maintenance classification: reengineering, rewriting, and upgradinganbsp;...

Title:Software evolution
Author:Lowell Jay Arthur
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc - 1988-03-01


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