Soldiers' Angel On Watch: Volume 2

Soldiers' Angel On Watch: Volume 2

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Go with this country parson behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and feel the emotions of the soldiers as they fight for our freedoma€™s cause. Feel the drive that puts them all in harma€™s way and know the experiences and conflicts they encounter during the liberation of Afghanistan thru their mission known as Operation Enduring Freedom. Re-live the dramatic accounts of a life fight in an outpost in one Afghanistana€™s hottest battle zones and how one brave soldier refused to lay down and die. Re-gain the true patriotic spirit as you the reader join the troops in this war zone through the eyes and pen of the author. Prepare to be amazed at the true life miracle account of a woman with a malignant tumor the shape and size of a football have it literally melt out of her body. The author uniquely weaves the experiences of soldiers in war zones with miracles of profound measure of the not so distant past stateside together. Written and compiled in the War Command Center (NKC) near the American Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. As an eye witness to both the past and the present you will find it hard to lay this book down. People in this book had their Angel On Watch as they met many and diverse situations in their lives. God was close by through His angels, both human and supernatural.My beloved BelAir, well it pretty much finished itoffas it wassold toa junk yard. On that dayIwas introduced to ... Some can fly down the highway likea Saturn rocket and get youall the speeding tickets you want. Others canbe very thrifty onfuel, anbsp;...

Title:Soldiers' Angel On Watch: Volume 2
Author:Bro. Mike
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2013-10-18


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