Spend Less on Basics, Bills, Food, & Shopping

Spend Less on Basics, Bills, Food, & Shopping

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Never have enough money? Have more bills and expenses than money coming in? Is the topic of money stressful to you and your family? Would you love to have a little extra to put away at the end of each month? Would you love to stretch your paycheck a little farther? Youa€™ve tried to stop spending money, but that simply doesna€™t work. Bills and expenses come in so fast your head spins. Your credit card has become your best friend. The credit card seems to be the only way to help you make ends meet, but it is also costing you money through interest charges. Youa€™ve tried to go a little longer before you buy the next pair of shoes when the shoes you have now already have holes in them. You buy cheap food because thata€™s all you can afford, but you know the cheap food isna€™t healthy for you. What else can you do? Youa€™ve reached the end of your rope. You dona€™t have to live this way. Spend Less on Basics, Bills, Food a Shopping is a combination of four ebooks I previously wrote. It tells how to stretch your money further, how to buy the things you need and pay less for them. It tells how to manage your bills and budget in a way that is manageable, and still allows you to pay bills on time. Together, these four ebooks give you more than 80 ways to save money on your basic expenses, monthly bills, food and drink, and shopping for nearly anything. So buy Spend Less on Basics, Bills, Food a Shopping, stretch your money further, and hopefully youa€™ll have a little extra to put away at the end of the month.Another option to paying down your house is to pay your 30 year mortgage like ita#39;s a 15 year mortgage. This should improve your credit rating quickly. Hint: Even if you do not have loans, you still should try to establish a good credit rating or to anbsp;...

Title:Spend Less on Basics, Bills, Food, & Shopping
Author:George Allen Fulwell
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-08-03


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