Stairway to the Mind

Stairway to the Mind

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Human consciousness has perplexed philosophers, artists and scientists for centuries. Some hold it to be purely physical, while others believe it transcends the material world. Now comes a book that offers a new perspective - based entirely on evidence from the natural sciences - whereby materialism and dualism co-exist. The author - a distinguished pioneer of nonlinear dynamics - bases his argument on a hierarchical view of mental organization; a stairway. Atoms give rise to molecules, neurons form the brain and individual consciousness leads to shared culture. All steps are needed to complete the picture and each level derives from the previous one. The book shows specialists how each of their fields adds to the overall picture, while providing general readers with an introduction to this investigation.difficulties, and that the common idea that the patient must necessarily be delighted with the gifts of light and colour ... as the stimulation-response theorists held, the restoration of vision should have completed a circuit, allowing a patient to view ... Instead von Sendena#39;s accounts suggest that seeing was not at all automatic.

Title:Stairway to the Mind
Author:Alwyn Scott
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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