Standardized Guidelines by Building Type

Standardized Guidelines by Building Type

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The computer revolution over the past 10-15 years in our country has feed to the permanent dependence of all fields of human activity, on computer technology. Based on my experience as a plan examines for all building documentations, I find that is necessary a reform and improvement of the plan examination and approval process, in all boroughs of this big city of N.Y. Because the architects and engineers have the best knowledge of their documentations, I have realized that their help is the most necessary to the real improvement of the verification process. We have to help them in this hypothesis, I considered necessary to create a DATA BASE of guidelines realized for different building types, which will be a computerized flexible tool for all review and approved process, which can be updated all the time in the future, by adding new guidelines to the existing ones, with the new and specific requirements regarding new zoning resolutions, new code articles, new memorandums and criteriaa€™s issued by the city department for the best development of this great city. This was the fundamental idea for the creation a DATA BASE of guidelines, which will help from the beginning of the process of creation of technical documentations, and after, in the long process of verification and approval, for the execution of buildings in the city. Certainly this collection of guidelines proposed in my 2 volumes, does not include all of the possible building types, zoning and code resolutions, but in my opinion and based on my experience is the most important tool in this complex process of approval of new investments. This tool can be used not only by designers of the documentations, but by the expediters, plan examiners, contractors, and finally by the owners of the investments. These two books will be a unified procedure for all the factors which contribute to the realization of investments. I consider to mention and other benefits realized by this written DATA BASE: a€c A reduced work load in the department of building a€c A uniform approach for all 5 boroughs in the verification and approval process a€c A reduction of time for verification and approval a€c An improvement in the quality of documentations presented for verification and approval a€c The use of self certification will be increased by the confidence of designers for their documentations a€c A remarkable reduction of people involved in this complex process a€c A sensible reduction of the investment costs.(Queens only) Provide Sections aamp; Show Heights at 2nd Flr. Comply with C26-261 (Old Code). Comply with sec. 25-23 ZR if required. Provide Existing Survey aamp; NB #. Provide Gas Riser Diagram. Requirements for PLOT PLAN Synopsis ofanbsp;...

Title:Standardized Guidelines by Building Type
Author:Siegfried Wyner, B.S., M.S., C.E.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-04-22


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