Star Trek: A Time To Harvest

Star Trek: A Time To Harvest

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Centuries ago a hardy band of survivors, fleeing a planetary catastrophe, took refuge in the inhospitable asteroid belt. Struggling for years to make what had once been short-term mining settlements into suitable colonies for permanent civilization, eventually they succeeded all too well, and their thriving population is approaching critical mass. Now they must make a choice: to go on as they are on the crowded but functional asteroids or to give up all they have worked for in a desperate plan to rebuild their dead home planet. Their dilemma has brought them to the brink of civil war -- and into this volatile standoff comes the Enterprise, assigned a seemingly meaningless mission to chart this sector of space. Faced with an advanced society on the verge of self-destruction, it is up to the Enterprise, still carrying the weight of her demotion and disgrace, to find a way to lead the survivors to peace.employs holography and sensora¬Ä¬Ēdampening fields to conceal its presence, rather than the cloaking technology used in ... Manual override had been useless , as well, forcing security personnel to cut through the doors with their phaser rifles.

Title:Star Trek: A Time To Harvest
Author:Kevin Dilmore
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-10-16


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