Star Trek: Malefictorum

Star Trek: Malefictorum

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Without warning, a member of the da Vinci crew is found dead in his quarters. Lt. Commander Corsi's investigation is thorough and complete -- and turns up nothing. With all the technology at Starfleet's disposal, with all the technical expertise of the ship's crack team of S.C.E. engineers, no forensic evidence can be found to explain the fatality. With the possibility of an unknown murderer on board, Corsi must use all her training to solve the mystery -- before another body falls...Project Voyager. Do you know ... Then I remembered this report about an experimental control interface that Commander La Forge tried out a few years ago. ... Ended up acting almost like an old-fashioned virtual reality unit, but this actually allowed him to control an experimental probe. He was able to guide it through the upper levels of a gas giant with this interface and directly interpret the data. Okayanbsp;...

Title:Star Trek: Malefictorum
Author:Terri Osborne
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2005-03-25


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