Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software

Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software

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Annotation SAS/IML software is a powerful tool for data analysts because it enables implementation of statistical algorithms that are not available in any SAS procedure. Rick Wicklin's Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software is the first book to provide a comprehensive description of the software and how to use it. He presents tips and techniques that enable you to use the IML procedure and the SAS/IML Studio application efficiently. In addition to providing a comprehensive introduction to the software, the book also shows how to create and modify statistical graphs, call SAS procedures and R functions from a SAS/IML program, and implement such modern statistical techniques as simulations and bootstrap methods in the SAS/IML language. Written for data analysts working in all industries, graduate students, and consultants, Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software includes numerous code snippets and more than 100 graphs.... reading/writing, 56, 113, 425 server/client, 174 transferring data from R, 257 transferring to R functions, 254 Vehicles, 415 DataObject ... format, 256 DATEw. format, 256 debugging programs Auxiliary Input window and, 124 jumping to error location, 121 jumping to errors ... with Java, 402 creating with R, 404 displaying lists in, 399 displaying simple, 396 in SAS/IML Studio, 126, 396 modal, 405 divisionanbsp;...

Title:Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software
Author:Rick Wicklin
Publisher:SAS Institute - 2010-10-01


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