Stealing You Blind

Stealing You Blind

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Since the Obama administration has taken office, government bureaucracy, government regulation and government spending have exploded. In his new book, Stealing You Blind, author Iain Murray reveals where all that money is going....and just how much of that money goes into the pockets of incompetent government workers, lazy union bosses, inept state educators, and bureaucratic officials. qThe administration is swindling usq, says Murray. qThey promise to use tax payer dollars to give us better healthcare or a stronger financial system, but then use that money to line coffers, create more bureaucratic agencies, and fatten their wallets.q Shocking and controversial, Stealing You Blind reveals how Obama and the Left are intent on on feeding government fat cats--and what you can do about it.You can download the declassified manual at CAcert_Inc/Board/oss/OSS_Simple_Sabotage_Manual.pdf ... Michael Fumento, a€œ Toyota Hysteria: Horror Stories Really About Us, a€ New York Post, March 16, 2010 . 12.

Title:Stealing You Blind
Author:Iain Murray
Publisher:Regnery Publishing - 2011-07-11


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