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Stones is a chronologically composed collection of mostly humorous, often self-deprecating, bite-sized anecdotes selected from a broad spectrum of experiences extending across the authora€™s 45 years in pastoral ministry. The reader will be pleased to discover that these brief, self-contained narratives provide fresh, first person, real life experiences featuring a wide variety of personalities, attitudes, perceptions, prejudices, and expectations ... most of which will catch you by surprise. Serendipitous discoveries are sometimes even more delightful when they first appear camouflaged as something else; such as being pulled over by an Arkansas State Trooper on a remote mountain highway, or fishing without benefit of bait or tackle in the shallows of a Georgia river, or being overly anxious for worshippers to exit the sanctuary on an island in the Irish Sea, or unknowingly having coffee with the president of the World Bank, or being handed a three-battery flashlight by an airplane pilot before take-off. If you enjoy anecdotal reading, when the twists and turns are not always predictable, you will relish this opportunity to look over the authora€™s shoulder as he views his ministry in the rear view mirror.I much prefer non-motorized exercise apparatuses but repeated failed attempts to locate a manual treadmill resulted in the purchase of a motorized model with every confidence that we would have a€œroom for it.a€ As it turned out, space was not anbsp;...

Author:Larry D. Powell
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-04-27


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