Stuff To Spy For

Stuff To Spy For

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Best friends James Lessor and Skip Moore are stuck in dead-end jobs, living in their ratty apartment in Carol City, Florida but dreaming of hitting the big time. It seems those dreams are finally within reach when Skip lands a job to install a state-of-the-art security system for Synco Systems. Therea€™s a huge commissiona€”and plenty of stringsa€”attached. To collect on the cash, Skip will have to provide a€œadditional servicesa€ by assuming the role of pretend boyfriend of Sarah Crumbly, an employee whoa€™s having an affair with Sandler Conroy, Syncoa€™s married president. When Sandlera€™s wife offers Skip a tidy sum for the dirty details about whata€™s going on at Synco, James and Skip resurrect their entrepreneurial dreams and go into the business of being spies. The spy-mobilea€”their beloved, bedraggled box trucka€”is on its last legs, and theya€™ll have to spend a small fortune on spy equipment, but therea€˜s no business like spy business. But in this spy game, James and Skip may be the ones who get played . . . or worse.Drove a Honda Accord.a€ The cop studied ... Ia#39;d had this thing half figured out, but if he never saw a visitora€” a€œNow, Mr. Chen, he drives a Honda. ... Chen was pushing Sandy Conroy and Feng to get the codes from the Department of Defense.

Title:Stuff To Spy For
Author:Don Bruns
Publisher:Oceanview Publishing - 2009-11-02


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