Success Starts Here

Success Starts Here

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Jermaine Jenkins has written a very savvy and practical guide to teach and remind everyone the basics areas of life they need to be focused on to become and remain successful in life. Jermaine does not recall one person taking the time to teach him about credit scores, taxes, college, etc. so he pours his heart into this book to educate others. In Success Starts Here, Jermaine teaches and explains the importance of all these subjects. Jermaine gives simple examples of how not having a college degree or trade could affect your income over a lifetime. He gives information on how to attend college for free and receive a good income paying job immediately after graduating from college. Jermaine explains the importance of public speaking and why Americans should be searching for a career instead of a job. Success Starts Here is a life-style changing book. It teaches and reminds everyone of all income classes about the little things that will make your life and career successful. This book will change your thinking in a very positive way.I was driving my 1998 Ford Expedition with 22a€ rims. Spotting a state trooper parked on the median ahead, I slowed down to make sure that I was not over the speed limit. Five minutes later I noticed the trooper behind me with his lights flashinganbsp;...

Title:Success Starts Here
Author:Jermaine L. Jenkins
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-06-28


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