Sufficiently Robust

Sufficiently Robust

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William Cathcart-Rake shares his memories of a half-century of hiking in the Grand Canyon. During that time he spent sixty days and walked five hundred miles below the rim. As he recounts his thoughts and experiences of eighteen separate treks below the rim, he includes many fascinating facts about the Canyona€™s natural and human history. As the years go by, the author discovers that the Canyon has more to offer than just being a challenging place to hikea€”it becomes a sanctuary for reflection and renewal. His time in the canyon is more than days below the rim, miles walked, switchbacks negotiated, stream crossings, walking speed, and pounds carried. Conquering the canyona€”an impossible and foolish questa€”ceased to be a goal. He returned to the canyon because of the effect it had on him, not because of what he could do in it or to it. The canyon allowed him to discover his ability to persevere despite discomfort, afforded an opportunity to learn more about the natural world we live in, and gave him a deeper appreciation of the need to seek the solace afforded by sauntering below the rim.Ten to fifteen feet of 4. nylon cord; can be used for hanging food in camp, repairing a pack, splinting a broken bone. A 5. small sewing kit to repair tears in clothing and sew on buttons. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Toilet paper 1. , if hiking in theanbsp;...

Title:Sufficiently Robust
Author:William Cathcart-Rake, MD
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-09-13


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