Supply Chain Management and Transport Logistics

Supply Chain Management and Transport Logistics

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The enterprise-focused framework of supply chain, which an overwhelming majority of books on supply chain management (SCM) have adopted, falls short in explaining recent developments in the real world, especially the so-called Wal-Mart model, in which a 'factory' is a virtual logistics network of multiple international manufacturing firms. The book fills the gap and examines supply chain and transport logistics. The book also includes the development of a unified methodological framework which underpins all the characteristics of the interrelationship between supply chain management and logistics. It covers many aspects of the important and innovative developments well. The book offers a unique coverage of integrated logistics of navigation, aviation and transportation. The book not only answers the urgent need for a book on supply chain management and transport logistics but also highlights the central role of supply chain logistics in the emerging fields of sustainable (green), humanitarian and maritime supply chains and the importantance of studying supply chain management together with transport logistics. It also explains the difference between supply chain logistics and manufacturing logistics. It is a useful reference for those in the industry as well as for those taking related courses.In this case, the seller (e.g., Saturn) would need to acquire additional in-house capacity of transshipment that is otherwise assumed by the logistical third party ( e.g., Ryder). ... The following innovative forms of direct-channel distribution have emerged in modern supply chain operations: ... For example, retailers of camcorders such as Best Buy can offer extended service plans to prospective customers.

Title:Supply Chain Management and Transport Logistics
Author:John J Liu
Publisher:Routledge - 2011-09-09


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