Surviving Chadwick

Surviving Chadwick

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CALIFORNIA, 1973. After being awarded a scholarship to attend an elite boarding school in Ojai, California, fifteen-year-old Isaiah Issacson is plucked from his inner-city Oakland neighborhood and thrust into a newa€”and frighteninga€” atmosphere. But Isaiah doesna€™t embrace this new life. Most of the students at Chadwick are rich, spoiled, and white. Unfortunately, his parents, Southern-born and part of the 1950s exodus by African Americans to the West Coast, view Isaiaha€™s scholarship as an opportunity to fulfill Martin Luther Kinga€™s dreams of racial and educational equality. Too bad Isaiah doesna€™t see it that way. Coming from a drastically different background, Isaiah has a difficult time relating to any of the students, and he soon clashes with instructors and fellow classmates. After he meets the beautiful and intelligent Jenaye Gardner and begins a promising love affair, things begin to spiral more out of control. Isaiah has only one goal in mind: to get kicked out of the most elite boarding school in California. Fifteen years later. Isaiah is at a turning point in his life, successful in business, he has the opportunity to attend the Chadwick reunion, and to reconnect with his first love. Will this be the beginning of the next chapter in his life?We continued a few more blocks, until we arrived at a concrete, two-story building with a metallic blue Rolls Royce parked ... sports car, and it looked out of place next to a secondhand store and a car repair shop holding Chryslers and Fords.

Title:Surviving Chadwick
Author:Phillip Wilhite
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-05-17


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