Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera

Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera

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Find practical, real-world advice that helps you choose a digital camera!This book helps you cut through the marketing hype and confusing jargon to find the digital camera that's right for you. You'll learn which camera features are important, which ones aren't, and why.Rather than bury you with arcane technical details or a myriad of camera models, Larry first helps you determine how much you want to spend, what sort of pictures you're likely to take, and what aspects of using a camera are important to you. With that grounding, you're ready to learn about the different camera features, separated by those that are actually important and those that merely fill up feature checklists. The ebook even contains a camera comparison worksheet you can fill in while shopping. Additional sections give you pointers on how to read camera reviews (plus a list of the best review sites!), advice about evaluating picture quality, suggestions of where to buy your camera, the lowdown on accessories you might want, and tips on working with photos on your computer.Includes a coupon worth $5 off any order at Small Dog Electronics, chopping the price of this ebook in half if you buy your camera from Small Dog!Many mid- to high-end cameras include a manual focus control, accomplished by rotating the lens by hand or (more commonly) by using digital controls to focus. Remember film cameras with manual focus? Remember the smooth focusinganbsp;...

Title:Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera
Author:Larry Chen, Laurence Chen
Publisher:TidBITS - 2006


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