Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X

Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X

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You'll also learn how to handle: Passwords on your Mac (login, master, root, firmware, email, AirPort, keychains) Interactions between your Web browser and your stored passwords Syncing passwords between Macs, and to your iPhone or iPod touch Use Apple's Keychain Access password manager Getting started with a third-party password manager Planning for what to do if your software (or your brain) forgets key passwords Solving password-related problems Save 20% on 1Password, Joe Kissell's favorite password management utility! qTake Control of Passwords in Mac OS X is outstanding. It's very thoughtful and well presented. I've spent more time than the average person thinking about this topic, and still I learned some things from your book.q --James Tummins Read this ebook for advice on these password-related issues: Coming up with secure passwords that are easily remembered and typed Keeping track of impossible-to-remember passwords Setting up sensible passwords that control access to your Mac Reducing hassle by making your Mac automatically log you in to Web sites Balancing security with the annoyance of frequent password entry Understanding the purpose of the common Mac keychains Finding and viewing the passwords that your Mac has tracked for you Syncing passwords between different Macs (or with an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) Planning for disaster - what if you're injured and someone else needs your passwords? Deciding whether you should memorize your passwords, write them down, or have your Mac store themThe Too-Open Firmware Password Setting a firmware password adds some security to your Mac, but it provides no protection against an attacker whoa#39;s ... Security cables are a good idea, but remember: they wona#39;t stop anyone truly determined to get into a computer. Interestingly, the MacBook Air, which lacks a security slot, also has all its RAM soldered directly onto the logic board, so you cana#39;t defeat theanbsp;...

Title:Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X
Author:Joe Kissell
Publisher:TidBITS - 2009


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