Teaching High School Physics Volume III

Teaching High School Physics Volume III

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Written by physics teachers for physics teachers, Teaching High School Physics provides the dual perspectives of a highly experienced physics teacher educator with a distinguished high school physics teacher. A mix of theory and practice, this 3-volume series provides rigorous and systematic treatments of 40 important topics. While intended to serve as a textbook for teacher candidates, this series is suitable for even experienced in-service physics teachers who seek a reference guide to the many topics being addressed in todaya€™s teaching reform movement. Teaching High School Physics is based on the premise that teachers need to be educated rather than merely a€œtraineda€ to do their jobs effectively. This belief permeates this series and helps to form substantive and substantiated belief systems that will serve as the underpinnings of a new way to teach. This publication promotes an inquiry-oriented approach to physics teaching, and provides a wide array of resources for doing so. The authorsa€™ Levels of Inquiry Model of Science Teaching theme permeates the series, and serves as the basis for many of the examples provided. The subject matter of this work runs the gambit from becoming a teacher through student teaching, the first year of teaching, and ongoing professional development. The subject matter deals not only with the topic of physics teaching, but also teacher needs and student difficulties. Topics range from teaching philosophies to scientific epistemology, from levels of inquiry to scientific reasoning, from classroom management to instructional technology, from inquiry-oriented instruction to assessing and evaluating, and from school students to school settings. While the topics included in these three volumes are numerous and varied, all are treated in considerable depth. Each volume is based upon both general education and physics education research, and addresses national standards. These volumes were written by a father-daughter team. Carl J. Wenning was director of the Physics Teacher Education program at Illinois State University (1994-2008); Rebecca E. Vieyra was a high school teacher from 2007-2014. Detailed information about the authors and Teaching High School Physics, Volumes I, II, and III, can be found through the authorsa€™ website https://sites.google.com/site/teachinghighschoolphysics/Students are presented with simple series circuits with light bulbs of varying brightness and are asked to explain ... can use Ohma#39;s Law to analyze circuit diagrams including current flow and voltage drops across various circuit components oranbsp;...

Title:Teaching High School Physics Volume III
Author:Carl J. Wenning, Rebecca E. Vieyra
Publisher:Rebecca Vieyra -


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