Technoscience in Progress. Managing the Uncertainty of Nanotechnology

Technoscience in Progress. Managing the Uncertainty of Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology seems to escape boundaries and definitions. The a€œRush to Nanoscalea€ spreads throughout different sites and arenas, involving a multiplicity of actors, meanings, and spaces in which they emerge. The a€˜uncertainty of nanotechnologya€™ appears to be both a condition and a consequence of this situation. This volume adds to the collective effort of charting the multiple and heterogeneous dimensions that characterise nanotechnology, by analysing the numerous modalities through which different stakeholders and actors provide definitions, attribute meaning and sense to nano-enabled innovations. The chapters of the book attempt to highlight how nanotechnologies, their discourse, and their actual and potential implications cannot be isolated in laboratories, factories, markets, and separate discussion arenas. Also, the volume examines how it is apparently not possible to bind and/or confine the definition of nanotechnology by referring exclusively to present-day research and applications, as well as to geographical, cultural, and even disciplinary boundaries. Considered together, this collection of essays suggests that the a€˜societal experimenta€™ of nanotechnology has to be explored with a vocabulary that is not just scientific and technical, in order to cross the frontiers between multiple domains, actors, identities, translations, and negotiation processes that occur in the nanotechnology field.This paper links the discussion on nanotechnology to the discussion on fictionality. following the hypothesis that it could be ... [1] Introduction This paper starts from the observation that nanotechnology and fiction appear coincidentally in recentanbsp;...

Title:Technoscience in Progress. Managing the Uncertainty of Nanotechnology
Author:S. Arnaldi, A. Lorenzet, F. Russo
Publisher:IOS Press - 2009-07-29


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