The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book Professional + Web Design

The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book Professional + Web Design

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| Professional Photoshop book ! | This book was designed for people, who are looking for a job, and to apply for a position need a Photoshop knowledge. The book based on personal working experience in editorial offices and graphic design studios. | People finish a course, and however they have a basic knowledge, they wont be hired without working experience. 12 years ago I was in the same situation, finishing a course nobody hired me without a working experience. | But now I have 12 years working experience in desktop publishing and graphic design, and in this book I give my experience to you. | The book contains 120 REAL step by step Photoshop tutorials - I say qREALq, because these jobs made by me in editorial offices or graphic design studios, that's why this book is professional. These tutorials explain you the professional production technology. The courses teach you only the basics, and nobody will explain you these tricks in the office - colleagues do not like if you ask them. You have to know these professional secrets - first to get a job, then to make the job. Otherwise you will make mistakes. | Also, in the book you can find shortcuts, you have to use, working fast as a professional. Professionals are working with shortcuts! | CHAPTER 1 | Quick Start Guide (24 Tutorials): 1.Color Settings, 2.RGB-CMYK, 3.Image Size, 4.Canvas Size, 5.Levels, 6.Curves, 7.Yellow Veil, 8.Path, 9.Selection, 10.Save/Load Selection, 11. Feather, 12. Mask, 13.Skin Color, 14.Clone, 15. Shadow, 16.Control Button, 17.Mirror Effect, 18.Motion Blur, 19.Saturation, 20.Sharpening, 21.Custom Color, 22. Black, 23.Save for Web, 24.History | CHAPTER 2 | Pre-Intermediate (24 Tutorials): 1.Layers, 2.Layer Group, 3.Pencil, 4. Brush, 5.Type, 6.Bevel a Emboss, 7.Crop, 8.Path 01, 9.Path 02, 10.Color Range, 11.Selective Color, 12.Clone, 13. Colorize, 14.Opacity, 15.Crystallize, 16.Paint Bucket, 17.Gradient, 18.Transform, 19.Polygon Tool, 20.Red, 21.White, 22.Deep Shadow, 23.Clipping Mask, 24. Actions | CHAPTER 3 | Intermediate (24 Tutorials): 1.Layers 01, 2.Layers 02, 3.Channels, 4.Path 01, 5.Path 02, 6.Path 03, 7.Path 04, 8.White, 9.White Point, 10.Color Balance, 11.Drop Shadow, 12.Shadow, 13.Styles Palette, 14.Clone01, 15.Clone 02, 16.Gaussian Blur 01, 17.Gaussian Blur 02, 18.Text Palette, 19.Paste Into, 20.Transform, 21.Slice, 22.Replace Color, 23.Pinch Filter, 24.Fashion Effect | CHAPTER 4 | Advanced (24 Tutorials): 1.100% Black, 2.Paste Into, 3.Refine Edge, 4.Paste Into, 5.Adjustments palette 1, 6.Layer Style 1, 7.Mask Correction, 8.Pen Tool/P, 9.Layer Style 2, 10.Brightness/Contrast, 11.Rotate, 12.Adjustments palette 2, 13.Icon, 14.50% White, 15.Layer Style 3, 16.Layer Style 4, 17.Brush Tool, 18.Adjustments palette 3, 19.Rasterize Type, 20.100% Yellow, 21.Paste Into 3, 22.Adjustments palette 4, 23.30% Black, 24.Modify the selection | CHAPTER 5 | Web Design (24 Tutorials): 1.Pixel, 2.Resolution, 3.Color Settings, 4.Web Safe Colors, 5.Swatches, 6.Image Size, 7.Canvas Size, 8.New Guide, 9.Slice Tool, 10.Model, 11.Color Picker, 12.Keyboard Shortcuts, 13.Mini Bridge, 14.Stroke, 15.Gradient, 16.Button, 17.Background, 18.Drop Shadow, 19.3D, 20.Slice Select Tool, 21.JPEG, 22.GIF, 23.PNG 24, 24. New in CS5 | Buy this book, get a job! || Professional Photoshop book ! | This book was designed for people, who are looking for a job, and to apply for a position need a Photoshop knowledge.

Title:The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book Professional + Web Design
Author:Sandor Burkus
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2010


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