The African Journalist

The African Journalist

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What happens when you stumble upon evidence that implicates fellow executives in corrupt practices, and in your quest to fight the vice, you face the obstacles of ethnicity and trade unionism, backed by bad governance from the highest political office in the land? Alfred and Lewis are senior executives at an African broadcasting company who produce evidence against corrupt fellow executives, but most of whom belong to the state President's ethnic group. In the silent war that ensues, the President, First Lady, Vice President, some Cabinet Ministers and Backbenchers, the Intelligence Service, the company's Board of Directors, its nonchalant CEO and some of the company's clients side with the villain, Spade, the VP of Operations and famous TV personality. Unionized workers go on a pro-Spade strike. Undaunted, Alfred and Lewis threaten to spill the beans. So, Spade resigns his job, but only after being promised a diplomatic appointment. When Alfred succeeds Spade as VP of Operations, he strives to clean the slate. But without the CEO's support, and in an environment where some company employees are on State House payroll, will Alfred succumb to the demands of ruling party politicians for the control of the newsroom diary? Will the corruption ever stop? Will Lewis's contract of service be renewed? Tipped about a danger to his life, Alfred and family must leave for the US. From the President's office to the boardroom and the courts, from TV studios to the cemeteries, the scenic beauty of Cape Town and the wilderness of Kenya, The African Journalist tells the tale of the African journalist today. Although a work of fiction, the story is inspired by true events. It's the story of Africa's perennial ethnicity problem, as witnessed recently, on an explosive scale, in Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa.Lewis looked in the mirror. a€œThis is the car!a€ he said excitedly. a€œThe one that has been following me. Dona#39;t look. Just shift a bit, until you can see it in your mirror.a€ Alfred lowered his head, then moved it to the right. A white Toyota Corolla wasanbsp;...

Title:The African Journalist
Author:Keith Nalumango
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-01


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