The Amazing Hiram Maxim

The Amazing Hiram Maxim

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This biography charts the life of Hiram Maxim, from his humble beginnings to his rise as the supreme Victorian self-made man. The text tells us of his invention of the first truly automatic machine gun, and also his past philanderings which threatened his position in Victorian England.The mid-day fare was fried pork, salt fish, boiled potatoes, bread and treacle - a very good meal by the standard of the ... He filled in the time left before the winter term working for a maker of hand-rakes in Sangerville, again doing a skilled mana#39;s job. This pattern of schoolwork during winter and manual employment during summer continued for four years until Hiram ... The painting was simply a hobby, but he proved to have a natural ability to draw and paint that was to prove useful toanbsp;...

Title:The Amazing Hiram Maxim
Author:Arthur Hawkey
Publisher:Spellmount, Limited Publishers - 2001


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