The Beginners Guide to Government Contracting

The Beginners Guide to Government Contracting

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Would you like to have a customer whose budget exceeds $250 Billion a year for goods and services? You can have that customer. The United States Federal Government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. Each year, the Government issues contracts totaling more than $250 Billion for pencils, furniture, computer equipment, landscape services, janitorial services, security guard services, consultant services, etc., etc., etc. With The Beginner's Guide to Government Contracting, you now have the information you need to reach your personal and business goals of financial success. At last, Jeff Corbin tells you the secrets he has been using for the last fifteen years to help companies of all sizes win Federal Government Contracts. These companies range from a local clothes laundry to Fortune 500 Companies. He walks you through the proposal writing process and gives you examples of an Executive Summary, Organizational Charts, Cost Spreadsheets and much, much more.PSC 17 Aircraft Launching, Landing, and Ground Handling Equip PSC 1710 1720 1730 1740 Description Aircraft ... Space Vehicle Launchers Space Vehicle Handling and Service Equipment Space Survival Equipment PSC 19 Ships, Smallanbsp;...

Title:The Beginners Guide to Government Contracting
Author:Jeffery Corbin - 2007-08-01


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