The Black O

The Black O

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In 1988 several white managers of the Shoneya€™s restaurant chain protested against the companya€™s discriminatory hiring practices, including an order to blacken the a€œOa€ in a€œShoneya€™sa€ on minoritiesa€™ job applications so that the marked forms could be discarded. When the managers refused to comply, they lost their jobs but not their resolvea€”they sued the company. Their case grew into the largest racial job discrimination class action lawsuit of its time. Shoneya€™s eventually offered to settle out of court, and the nearly 21, 000 claimants divided a $132.5 million settlement, bringing to an abrupt end a landmark case that changed corporate attitudes nationwide. The Black O is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes story populated with many unforgettable characters, including civil rights lawyer Tommy Warren, the former college football star and convicted felon who took the case; Ray Danner, the ironfisted former CEO who developed the Shoneya€™s concept; and Justice Clarence Thomas, former head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which sat idly by for years while complaints mounted against Shoneya€™s. The Black O speaks to an issue that continues to have great urgency, serving as a stark refutation that the civil rights movement eliminated systemic discrimination from the workplace.Three Coast Guard officers, a Drug Enforcement Agency official, and a Customs Service agent all boarded the shrimp boat. ... In the hold, tucked behind a panel, was a Sears Kenmore trash compactor and a couple of hundred plastic garbage anbsp;...

Title:The Black O
Author:Steve Watkins
Publisher:University of Georgia Press - 2013-03-15


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