The Black Sheep of Northern Newfoundland

The Black Sheep of Northern Newfoundland

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In his heartrending autobiography, Addie Nelson Colbourne shares his story of physical abuse, childhood slavery, and the grief of losing both parents at a young age only to reach success later in life, despite a lack of education and unconditional love. Colbourne was born as one of nine brothers in an outport community in Newfoundland, Canada. His father was a hard-working, religious man, but unfortunately, he died from an illness at an early age, leaving Colbourne in the care of his mother who induced daily beatings with hunks of birchwood, boots, or broom handles. After his mother died a few years later, Colbourne shares the details of his agonizing separation from his siblings and his new life with a foster family, where he was expected to supplement the family income by working as a fisherman. Colbourne finally achieved independence when he turned eighteen, quit school, and set out on a journey to Montreal to look for work and a fresh start. Despite the hardships he suffered as a young man, Addie Colbourne has achieved much and loved many making his story of perseverance, courage, and faith a model for helping others see what is truly important in life.Depression is a serious problem facing the world today. People can try to deal with it themselves, but ... to believe there were any money problems. My sevena€” yeara€”old son looked at me and said, a€œDad, when are we going to get a skia€”doo ?

Title:The Black Sheep of Northern Newfoundland
Author:Addie N. Colbourne
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-05


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