The Boa Constrictor Manual

The Boa Constrictor Manual

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Still the most popular large snake in the pet world, the boa constrictor of South America is a hardy, beautiful snake that is fairly docile and considered safe when handled properly. In The Boa Constrictor Manual, world-renowned herp expert Philippe de Vosjoli has written a concise and useful guide, well illustrated with color photographs, that offers all of the information a boa keeper needs to maintain a pet snake safely and in the best of health. This Advanced Vivarium Systems title includes information about selecting and purchasing a healthy boa constrictor, proper housing and maintenance needs, feeding, and safe handling. Dr. Roger Klingenberg, a herp veterinary specialist, has written a special health chapter on diseases and disorders, with particular emphasis on the dreaded boa AIDS (inclusion body disease or IBD) as well as parasitism, respiratory disease, and more. The chapter concludes with a six-page chart on troubleshooting health concerns, which all boa constrictor keepers will find useful for general upkeep and recognizing and dealing with serious issues. Beyond the husbandry and health of boa constrictors, this book offers an excellent chapter by Jeff Ronne on breeding Colombia boa constrictors, beginning with the size and health of breeding and animals and the femalea€™s cycling to the birth and care of newborns. Resources and index included.reptile thermometers are sold in the pet trade, and can easily be applied to the walls of a vivarium. ... most useful thermometers are digital thermometers; the best of these have an external probe and an indoor/outdoor switch. ... Digital thermometers are available in specialty electronic supply stores, such as Radio A boa setup using an ... Shack, or by mail-order, from companies such as Edmund Scientific.

Title:The Boa Constrictor Manual
Author:Philippe de Vosjoli, Roger Klingenberg, Jeff Ronne
Publisher:Advanced Vivarium Systems - 2004-10-01


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