The Business of Neuropsychology

The Business of Neuropsychology

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The purpose of this text is to provide an overview of basic business principles and how they can be used to enhance the stability and fiscal responsibility of neuropsychological practice. The principles discussed are are defined and information is provided to guide practical application of the concepts. The book is designed to benefit professionals at varying levels of practice regardless of their work setting, but focuses primarily on the issues related to neuropsychological practice. Graduate school catalogs and training program brochures reveal a broad array of educational opportunities designed to prepare future professionals for independent practice in neuropsychology. However, little is offered to prepare neuropsychologists for the business realities that await them in the workplace. The expectation that they will simply see patients and do quality clinical work is often in conflict with institutional goals of making money so that the doors can remain open. The result can be a cataclysmic qcrashq when altruistic ideals meet capitalistic needs. The concepts of qcash is kingq and qno margin, no missionq are foreign to most neuropsychologists until our own fiscal bottom line is affected. The Business of Neuropsychology also contains an overview of business qbasics, q such as budget and fiscal tracking, strategies for communicating with stakeholders in the business, front and back office flow and processes, billing, coding, marketing, referral relationship development, and staff growth and development. The Business of Neuropsychology is part of the Oxford AACN Workshop series.While the technician codes are specific in terms of time being the actual facea€”to a€”face time with the patient, the ... As a result, it is helpful to develop a timea€” monitoring form to document the provider, date(s) of service, service provided, and the start and stop times of each activity. This will allow for more accurate reporting of actual time and will provide supporting documentation if questions arise.

Title:The Business of Neuropsychology
Author:Mark Barisa
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2010-01-30


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