The Carbon-Free Home

The Carbon-Free Home

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You probably know that energy used in your home produces more global-warming pollution than your car, but what can you do to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels? Maybe you daydream of starting from scratch, building a new, super-efficient, passive-solar, off-grid housea€”but in reality youa€™ve got a roof (and a mortgage) over your head already. How can you turn your existing house into an environmental asset? One that simultaneously saves you money on utilities and insulates you from the possible shocks of Peak Oil? Read this booka€”then grab your handsaw, tape measure, and drill, and get started! A life powered by the sun is waiting for you. Meant as a guide for renovating existing homes, The Carbon-Free Home gives you the hands-on knowledge necessary to kick the fossil-fuel habit, with projects small and large listed by skill, time, cost, and energy saved. For every aspect of your life currently powered by fossil fuels, The Carbon-Free Home offers alternatives you can accomplish yourself to get started using renewable and sustainable sources of power. Having weaned themselves completely from fossil fuels in their conventional 1930s urban house, Rebekah and Stephen Hren provide a map for others to do the same. Their book shows first how to reduce energy consumption, then to retrofit existing homes to obtain all heating, cooling, cooking, refrigeration, hot water, and electricity from renewable sources. The Hrens also provide advice on renewable methods of transportation and home gardening. These practical approaches fit anyonea€™s budget and can be implemented over time to progressively liberate a home from fossil-fuel dependency.Great overview of electric biking options, Internet Guide to Freighter Travel. Comprehensive ... Biofuel Conversion Factors: www.fapri. missouri .edu/outreach/publications/2006/biofuelconversions .pdf. 4. Community anbsp;...

Title:The Carbon-Free Home
Author:Stephen & Rebekah Hren
Publisher:Chelsea Green Publishing - 2008-07-15


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