The Chrome Book (Fifth Edition)

The Chrome Book (Fifth Edition)

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Welcome to the brave new world of cloud computinga€”a world in which locally installed programs and local data are replaced by applications and data in a€œthe clouda€, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any compatible device. A world in which everything is centered on the Google Chrome web browser running on an Android phone or tablet, a Windows PC, or a dedicated Chromebook computer. Now you dona€™t need to worry about installing and configuring software, backing up your data, or protecting your computer from viruses. And you dona€™t need to worry about having access to your important documents and other files while travelling. Now in its Fifth Edition, The Chrome Book is the Essential Guide to Cloud Computing with Google Chrome and the Chromebook. This most comprehensive and up-to-date edition is packed full of information, tips and tricks to help you get the most from your cloud computing experience with the Google Chrome web browser and (optionally) the Chromebook computer. Welcome to a new way of workinga€b ..and playing. Praise for the previous edition: qTop shelf coverage.q qThis manual was a great help explaining how cloud computing works.q qBefore purchasing a Chromebook this book should be an essential read.q qIf you buy a Chromebook and you're not familiar with cloud computing, this is the book for you.q qI do recommend it to everyone trying to learn how to use the new computer.q qIt'll save you precious time and maybe a headache or two.q qI am a slow learner and this book helped me a lot.q qI was looking for a quick and easy introductory read on using Chromebooks. This title ticked all the boxes!q qI am very happy that I bought this book. It made setting up and using my new Chromebook simple and pleasurable.q qProvides clear and easily understood explanations to and about all things Chrome.q qIf you are buying your first Chromebook you will need this.q qBuy this or misunderstand.q qDon't hesitate to buy. You won't be disappointed.qIt means that as long as your PC is switched on and connected to the Internet, you can print to its attached printer(s) from your Chromebook or Chromebox via Cloud Print. ... The opposite of printing a document from a computer is scanning a document to a computer. ... HP ePrint printer-scanner offers two possible solutions.

Title:The Chrome Book (Fifth Edition)
Author:C H Rome
Publisher:LOTONtech Limited - 2015-01-12


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