The Clean Healthy Recipes 6 Week Weight Loss Plan

The Clean Healthy Recipes 6 Week Weight Loss Plan

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Welcome to the a€œClean Healthy Recipes 6 Week Weight Loss Challengea€: A guide to fresh, healthy and nutritious eating. This book is a 6 week clean eating challenge containing 100 healthy, delicious, easy to cook meals to help readers increase health, lose weight and feel great! Before you read any further, this challenge is not a diet. The word diet itself does nothing but set you up for failure. If you look up the definition of the word a€˜dieta€™ in any dictionary you will fail to find a definition suggesting that a diet is a€œan unrestricted, yet healthy and balanced approach to what we consume, with the intention of not only improving, but sustaining a high level of both physical and mental healtha€. If a diet does not do this, then why would you even consider dieting? Yes, we can all agree it would be great to lose 10kgs in a week, but whata€™s the point of losing it if youa€™re going to put it back on? What you really need to focus on when trying to lose weight is making small healthy changes that remain with you forever. Educate yourself on whata€™s good for you, whata€™s bad for you, what you should consume more of and what you should consume less of and start incorporating these into your daily life. It might be hard at first but you can do it. Even if you only change one small habit a week by adding something thata€™s good for you and eliminating something thata€™s bad for you. Even if it takes you twelve months to get yourself into a healthy, life long eating plan, at least in 12 months you will be there. Remember, the one thing that we have no control over is time. It is the one variable that can never be controlled. 12 months from reading this article is going to be 12 months from reading this article no matter which way you look at it. You cannot change that. However, what you are doing and where you will be when that 12-month mark arrives is the variable that can be controlled. What you do within that 12 months is controlled entirely by you. You can either be in the same situation, or you can slowly chip away at what can appear to be an impossible task so that by the time the inevitable arrives, you are in a completely different situation. The choice is yours and its time to take control. Regardless of your current situation, when it comes to healthy eating, ita€™s never too early and ita€™s never too late.A guide to restoring health, happiness and vitality from the inside out. James Ryan. The Clean Healthy Recipes 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dessert Daily Exercise WEEK THREE CHECKLIST 2 Litres of Wateranbsp;...

Title:The Clean Healthy Recipes 6 Week Weight Loss Plan
Author:James Ryan
Publisher:James Ryan - 2014-02-02


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