The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP

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You're no idiot, of course. You're computer literate, but it seems you need a Ph.D. in Geek Speak to read most books on Windows XP. Don't worry! You don't have to learn another language to understand The Complete Idiot's Guide Ar to Windows XP. This is not a book for those who think the pocket protector is the height of fashion. Written for anyone who may be the proud yet bewildered new user of Windows XP, this Complete Idiot's Guide give you: -- Advice to help you master the basics of navigating Windows XP. -- Information on all the new Windows XP features, including the new interface and the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. -- Ways to put Windows Media Player 8, the new digital media features, and other cool applications to work for you. -- Excellent instruction on how to set up and maintain a network using Windows XP.All users are not created equal XP supports two types ofuser: administrators who can pretty much do what they want, including install programs and devices, change system settings, access documents for all users, and work with user accounts; and limited users who can only view their own files, view ... Changing a usera#39;s account doodads Open the User Accounts window and then click the usera#39;s icon.

Title:The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Windows XP
Author:Paul McFedries
Publisher:Penguin - 2001-11-01


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