The Days of Our Lives and This Ain't No Soap

The Days of Our Lives and This Ain't No Soap

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Lois Ann Murphy has always tried to determine on whom or what she could lay the blame for her qchicken-heartedness, q as they call it in East Texas. Perhaps it was Tackybokus, a mysterious entity known to hang out in her grandfather's attic or Tobe, a one-eyed mule who nursed an unhealthy inclination to kick whenever the mood struck. Either way, Lois Ann Murphy's compilation of amusing anecdotes provides an entertaining glimpse into a life-spanning seven decades, revealing her penchant for courting trouble. Beginning with the harrowing tale about the removal of limbs from a gigantic oak tree, Lois showcases her storytelling prowess as she details how her husband straddled a steel ball before signaling her to hoist him forty feet up into a tree with the help of a system of homemade pulleys, a vintage tractor, and a lengthy prayer (said by Lois, of course). As she continues with entertaining tales about her first attempt to milk a bovine, the birth of her daughters, and the ups and downs of a lengthy marriage, Lois discloses how she learned to rely on her sense of humor and faith in God-even as news of her rumored death spread like wildfire. The Days of Our Lives and This Ain't No Soap shares one woman's unique journey through life as she is gullibly led like a sheep to slaughter through one hilarious adventure after another.My hands ached with arthritis from pumping the bulb. Once down from his lofty perch, Ken tried to crank the four-wheeler to no avail. Then he noticed I had pushed the kill switch to the oflposition. I didna#39;t even know it had a kill switch! Evidentlyanbsp;...

Title:The Days of Our Lives and This Ain't No Soap
Author:Lois Ann Murphy
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-08-01


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