The Ecology of Seashores

The Ecology of Seashores

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The Ecology of Seashores explores the complex shore environment. It covers the ways in which representative species have adapted to life in a constantly changing environment in terms of their interactions, the control of community structure, and how energy and materials are cycled in different ecosystems. Written by an eminent marine biologist, this work emphasizes ecological processes and the use of systems analysis in understanding such processes. He gives complete coverage of the ecology of all seashore types: rocky shores, soft shores, sandy beaches, and estuaries at an advanced level. When appropriate, the author uses the energy circuit language of symbols and diagrams developed by H.T. Odum as a basis of understanding. The first comprehensive review and synthesis of the research on shore ecosystems, the book lends order to some of the most complex ecosystem types and presents a wide range of geographical examples. If you are involved in researching or managing coastal zones, The Ecology of Seashores provides exhaustive coverage of the essential background information you need.As a consequence, particular species spend different stages of their life cycle in different areas of the estuary. ... Chambers (1980) figured a diagram of the pattern of use of the Barataria Basin by four different nekton groups: 1. Euryhaline anbsp;...

Title:The Ecology of Seashores
Author:George A. Knox
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-12-21


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