The Economics of Software Quality

The Economics of Software Quality

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Software legend Capers Jones reveals the tight links between software quality, ROI, and TCO, and help you optimize all three a€c a€cStrong empirical evidence that high quality generates strongly positive ROI and reduced TCO. a€cPractical ways to prevent defects, and remove them in pre-test, test, and postrelease. a€cEasy checklists for assessing and improving practice, plus insights into the costs/benefits of intervention. a€cBy renowned software consultant Capers Jones. In this book, world-renowned software management expert Capers Jones and software quality guru Jitendra Subramanyam help development leaders and practitioners quantify and optimize the economic impact of quality throughout the software lifecycle - and then choose the highest value interventions to improve it. The authors introduce powerful empirical and field data on the ability of inspection, static analysis, and test methods to reduce up to 95% of defects, and discuss the business value of improvements of this magnitude. The Economics of Software Quality is based on proven best quality practices in IT departments and at world-leading integrators, embedded software companies, and systems software groups. Jones and Curtis bring together crucial new information on: a€c a€cIdentifying and fixing the root causes of short- and long-term software cost inefficiencies. a€cPredicting and measuring software defects and their quality impacts. a€cAssessing current practices and identifying the best interventions. a€cCalculating the ROI of quality during development and maintenance. a€cComparing and choosing methods of defect prevention. a€cSelecting methods of defect removal, such as inspections and static analysis. a€cUnderstanding and evaluating more than 20 kinds of software testing. a€cBest practices for postrelease defect reporting and repair. a€cRecognizing 'hazardous' metrics and their problemsAnother recent and expensive defect involves errors in the billing algorithms for Verizon cell phones. ... Incidentally, in both the HP ink case and the Verizon billing case, it is not actually clear if the problems are due to accidental bugs or to anbsp;...

Title:The Economics of Software Quality
Author:Capers Jones, Olivier Bonsignour
Publisher:Addison-Wesley - 2011-06-03


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