The Emotional Life of Vulnerable Narcissists

The Emotional Life of Vulnerable Narcissists

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The purpose of this research is to better illuminate a vulnerable narcissist's daily emotional life. In two studies, participants completed self-report questionnaires before writing an essay on their adjustment to college. In Study 2, a manipulation of self-relevancy was added to this writing task. After rating their own performance on the writing task, participants received either negative or satisfactory feedback. They then rated their essay again and reported their current emotions. Lastly, in Study 1 participants completed extra process measures while in Study 2 they completed an aggression measure. Across both studies, it was found that feedback which disconfirmed vulnerable narcissists' self-reported performance ratings led to greater emotionality. Study 2 showed this was especially true when the performance was personally relevant. Specifically, shame was higher when personally relevant feedback was mismatched with self-ratings of performance. Anger and/or aggression were also higher when a mismatch occurred but were uninfluenced by self-relevancy. Furthermore, vulnerable narcissists' attempts to disqualify the importance of interpersonal feedback led to greater shame in the end. The discussion addresses the conceptual and practical implications of these findings.The purpose of this research is to better illuminate a vulnerable narcissista#39;s daily emotional life.

Title:The Emotional Life of Vulnerable Narcissists
Author:Stephanie Desiree Freis, OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center
Publisher: - 2014


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