The Essential Jack Reacher 12-Book Bundle

The Essential Jack Reacher 12-Book Bundle

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a€œIf youa€™re a thriller fan and youa€™re not reading the Reacher series . . . youa€™re not a thriller fan.a€a€”Chicago Tribune Jack Reacher is the most compelling hero in action and suspense todaya€”hailed by Stephen King as a€œthe coolest continuing series character now on offera€ and a household name for legions of fans who cana€™t get enough of Lee Childa€™s #1 bestsellers. a€œThe truth about Reacher gets better and better.a€a€”Janet Maslin, The New York Times Once an elite military cop, Reacher is now a man with no phone, no address, and no ties anywhere. He wanders the land and lives in the momenta€”a cool-headed righter of wrongs who cana€™t let the bad guys get away with anything. This addictive eBook bundle features twelve Reacher adventures, which can be read in any order. But fair warning: Once you start, you wona€™t stop until youa€™ve finished them all. PERSUADER THE ENEMY ONE SHOT THE HARD WAY BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE NOTHING TO LOSE GONE TOMORROW 61 HOURS WORTH DYING FOR THE AFFAIR A WANTED MAN NEVER GO BACK Also includes the eBook short stories a€œSecond Son, a€ a€œDeep Down, a€ and a€œHigh Heata€ as well as a preview of the highly anticipated new Jack Reacher thriller, Personal! Praise for #1 bestselling author Lee Child and his Reacher series a€œChild is a superb craftsman of suspense.a€a€”Entertainment Weekly a€œLike his hero Jack Reacher, Lee Child seems to make no wrong steps.a€a€”Associated Press a€œLee Child [is] the current poster-boy of American crime fiction.a€a€”Los Angeles Times a€œIndisputably the best escape artist in this escapist genre.a€a€”Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times a€œJack Reacher is much more like the heir to the Op and Marlowe than Spenser ever was. . . . Reacher is as appealingly misanthropic as ever.a€a€”Esquire a€œFor pure fun, the Reacher novels are easily the best thriller series going.a€a€”NPR a€œWidely admired by other writers as a master craftsman of action thrillers.a€a€”The Wall Street Journal a€œImplausible, irresistible Reacher remains just about the best butt-kicker in thriller-lit.a€a€”Kirkus ReviewsIt hadvinyl seats and manual windows.Civilian police specification. Islidacross the rear bench andsettled in the corner behind the front passenger seat. One of the W3s crammed ... We were going to Leon Garbera#39;s office. But I didna#39;t know why .

Title:The Essential Jack Reacher 12-Book Bundle
Author:Lee Child
Publisher:Delacorte Press - 2014-07-01


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