The Executive Guide to Innovation

The Executive Guide to Innovation

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Is your organization's level of innovation where you think it should be today? Now is the time to shape your future through innovation management. This book provides a wealth of information, tools, techniques, models, approaches, and methodologies that are all specifically designed for excellence in innovation, solution generation, and execution. Within these pages you will find innovation concepts, methods, and case studies that build upon the quality body of knowledge to drive innovation. The successful application of these concepts will help you to be successful in the years to come. In addition to the hands-on material presented, the book also provides advice and counsel on how to align a growth-based strategy with all functions of the organization, how to create a culture for ideas and growth, how to acquire and retain the right mix of resources, and how to sustain what youA’ve built over time. Innovation is quality for tomorrow. Use The Executive Guide to Innovation to conquer new challenges and seize new opportunities as you move into your future!Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results Jane Keathley, Peter MerrilL, Tracy Owens, Ian Meggarrey, Kevin Posey ... Just as the walls shape how things can be done in a building, infrastructure (electrical wiring, plumbing, physical information ... Can you imagine how well your home theater would fare in your shower?

Title:The Executive Guide to Innovation
Author:Jane Keathley, Peter MerrilL, Tracy Owens, Ian Meggarrey, Kevin Posey
Publisher:ASQ Quality Press - 2013-08-23


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