The Exercise Cure

The Exercise Cure

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What if there were a drug to treat every illness, across all body systems, proven potent against heart disease, depression, arthritis, PMS and erectile dysfunctiona€”even in chronic diseases such as asthma, dementia, and certain types of cancer? What if it had no side effects, was completely free, readily available, and worked for everyone? Every single person who took it decreased her risk of premature death and raised his quality of life. Would you want it? In a healthcare system that spends 17% of GDP, roughly $2.7 trillion, mostly on disease treatment, how do we save money and prevent illness? By increasing the use of the world's most effective preventive medicine: exercise. Jordan D. Metzl, MD, explains how everyone can maximize their daily dose in his groundbreaking new book, The Exercise Cure. In The Exercise Cure, Dr. Metzla€”nationally renowned sports medicine physiciana€”offers malady-specific and well-researched exercise prescriptions to help readers stay healthy, heal disease, drop pounds, increase longevity, and transform their lives. Today's medical system is largely focused on fixing rather than preventing problems, and many treatments carry significant side effects. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are linked to frequent muscle and joint problems, anti-hypertensive drugs like Beta-blockers cause headaches and diminished energy, and Prozac and other popular anti-depressant medications carry multiple consequences including sexual dysfunction. Dr. Metzl knows that exercise is inexpensive, powerful medicine that has benefits in prevention and treatment of disease without disturbing side effects. Even in older adults, daily exercise has been found to prevent dementia by generating neuron development in the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain. Combining the latest data and his proven motivational skills, Dr. Metzl addresses the common maladies troubling millions. He discusses our cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, musculoskeletal, neurologic, reproductive, and endocrinologic body systems, with special sections on sleep problems and cancer prevention, presenting the science behind the role of exercise as medicine. Then, he details fun, fat-torching, life-prolonging workouts that can be tailored easily to any fitness level, beginner to advanced, and provides nutritional information, including meal plans for healthy eating and disease prevention, as well.#2: CIRCUIT. THREE. CYCLES: Two to four times through the circuit a€œBack to Lasta€: THE VALUE OF A SUPPORT GROUP GOLD ... You should return to this positiona€”known as a dead hanga€”each time you lower your body back down. Squeeze your shoulder blades ... TRX. TRICEPS. EXTENSION. Face away from the anchor point of a TRX. With one hand in each handle, extend your arms so theya#39;re atanbsp;...

Title:The Exercise Cure
Author:Jordan Metzl
Publisher:Rodale - 2013-12-10


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