The First 38

The First 38

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a€œAs Edgar soundly slept, moonlight sculpted to his ivory pillow as it began, at first like an expected flash of movement from the corner of his nostril. Then again, this time several coarse black hairs grew slowly from each of Edgara€™s openings, slowly but surely moving cautiously over his lip and chin like a raven-black out-of-control Jack in the Beanstalk.a€ -from a€œCoiffure Lovea€ a€œBuoyed by the concert, Elaine ordered two Black Russians, heavy on the vodka and light on Japanese custom.....During the last course the vodka blacksmith hammered me. By now the room was tilting and the vodka and butterflied shrimp were scurrying toward my stomacha€™s exit sign....First kneeling, then completely falling into the lower seating tier, I nested on my side, soaked in sour soup atop a middle aged couple....Never turning back, I reeled all the way to my little hotel by foot, partially digested shrimp and curly crispy noodles now decorating my lower trouser legs and those silly bamboo sandals.a€ -from a€œLivina€™ by Wits a€œAs a last ditch effort, I almost jokingly asked if he was a betting man, a simple Roman coin toss, heads heaven, tails hell, what do you say, JC? The attending angels blushed as he aptly flipped the coin, mid air I called heads, it landed on his nail scarred wrist, Caesar side up, heads, I won!a€ -from a€œDinner with Jesusa€ a€œReappearing, Olga the Orangutan, a bit squat, very muscular and quite hairy in the now splitting silk teddy showed surprising agility as she clutched Carl to dance; swaying slowly to the music, they formed an interesting couple: Carl, knees bent and stooping over in his tasseled smoking jacket; Olga standing on his slippers, hairy arms around his neck.a€ -from a€œMonkey Businessa€Edgar, however, did keep the 1997 Buick ownera#39;s manual gripped in his jaw and snarled that he liked the pictures and loved the smell of the taco sauce stained binder. After surgically chomping through the storea#39;s outside wall mountedanbsp;...

Title:The First 38
Author:Bill McCluskey
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-04-21


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