The Future and Why We Should Avoid It

The Future and Why We Should Avoid It

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The future holds many unknowns: advances in medical technology, increased airport security and critical new inventions like sentient, polygraph-enabled, wireless toasters. Luckily, Macleana€™s columnist Scott Feschuk has written a survival guidea€”part how-to manual, part product guide, part apocalypse analysis and part sardonic observationa€”to help us navigate these troubled times. Or at least make us laugh while we try. The Future and Why We Should Avoid It envisions the daunting, depressing era we have to look forward to with the best of Feschuka€™s musings on aging, death, technology, inventions, health and leisure. Combining quizzes, voiceovers and speeches, and employing snark, innuendo, toilet humor and shameless mockerya€”because how else do you cope with the fact that one day you will die?a€”Feschuk contemplates the fate of humanity and the planet in the upcoming years, poking fun, provoking thought and dredging up silver linings in even the darkest forecasts.I say we cannot rest if there exists one society, one tribe, one person on Earth who has not yet been exposed to twerking. I say that even as we turn our eyes to Mars, even as we scour the outer reaches of the galaxy for signs of life, we must come to grips with the ... We will learn from their simple utopian paradise and subsequently destroy it by getting them bickering over who has dibs on the Xbox One.

Title:The Future and Why We Should Avoid It
Author:Scott Feschuk
Publisher:D & M Publishers - 2014-10-25


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