The Game Master Trilogy

The Game Master Trilogy

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Beginning with the history of his birth to his freedom to a doomed marriage, the genius Noah Oscar Body faces lifea€™s challenges like a game. Adapting the rules of play to each trial presented, demonstrates how this game mastersa€™ mind works, while he duels with a master mind insisting on confiscating his ten million dollars. The Game Master Trilogy, Book #1 - The Games People Play pumps up a readersa€™ grey cells to solve a few contests strung throughout this novel and keeping in mind the all-important question; who is really playing the game? Any takers? Timothy R. Bartlett presently lives in a rural area east of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada. When not working part time as a cashier at the local a€˜Dollaramaa€™, Timothy enjoys some time out testing his mind through writing. The Game Master Trilogy, Book #1 a€“ The Games People Play is the first of three novels around the main character Noah Oscar Body and took 4.5 years to complete.While lying in a hospital bed with a broken leg, stock market annalist Ralph Nelson elliott was bored with his predicament. ... to the trades of stocks that later developed into the elliott Wave Theory. one has to remember that during the 1920a#39;s;anbsp;...

Title:The Game Master Trilogy
Author:Timothy R. Bartlett
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-03-06


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