The Illusion of Democracy

The Illusion of Democracy

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This is the second story in a non-partisan series detailing how the elite have impoverished America's Middle Class. In this timely and revealing book the author explains what has happened in simple, easy to understand terms, that are brief and to-the-point. The crippling and devastating consequences to liberty have not gone unnoticed. The author bears witness to history and the treacherous crimes which have overthrown the Republic. The Illusion of Democracy is a more accurate history of the United States since the coup of 1963, when President Kennedy was executed in Dealey Plaza. This sequel explains Hegelian Principles and how our puppet masters create conflict to increase their wealth and power. It connects the dots of all major false flag events to prove this massive deception has been intentionally engineered to subjugate our nation to indentured servitude in a feudal system controlled by wealthy oligarchs. This book was written at a high school level with those students in mind. It is perfect for high school classes, college courses, or the average reader at home who is curious about what went wrong over the past generation which killed the American Dream.a€œIn 1982 Ricky White found his fathera#39;s footlocker, at the back of the house, in Paris, Texas. ... Roscoe White had written in the journal that his top secret ONI code name was MANDARIN and he fired two shots, from behind the stockade fence, anbsp;...

Title:The Illusion of Democracy
Author:Phil Mennitti
Publisher:Phil Mennitti - 2015-02-04


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