The Kid Looks Back-Short Stories & Tall Tales

The Kid Looks Back-Short Stories & Tall Tales

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The Kid Looks Back is a collection of sixty-eight stories that cover a wide range of topics. I hope that his book will be a gentle hiding place where you can go to get away from something, return to something or go where you have never been. Some of these stories are true. Others are factually true, although bit embellished. Others are outright fabrications. Most look back to a kinder, mellower time. Digging for worms, swimming in a pond, using an outhouse or wading in a river may bring gross evaluations from our urbanized cousins. I hope that this book introduces them to life a€“ with a smile. Most of the stories have a message. Many are simply humorous. Entertainment is the motive. Carefree is the mood. Try to find yourself within these pages. May the beak of reality crack your comfort shell. Start anywhere. Finish anytime. Enjoy!He could not understand how I managed to be under a boat in the water and receive such a wound. I told him that the boat was stored above my car in the garage and the rope had broken as I was lifting the boat off the top of my car with aanbsp;...

Title:The Kid Looks Back-Short Stories & Tall Tales
Author:Ritchie R. Moorhead
Publisher:Author House - 2011-07-12


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