The Last Sprite

The Last Sprite

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Cheryl grew up immersed in science and fact. A low level accountant has to always keep a clear head based on what is real. What is real and what is fact blurred on her twenty-second birthday. When several non-factual being's became a real part of her life. Figuring out who to trust is tied to her survival. Too bad most of them are wearing masks. The fact that the demon Belial wants her to die most viciously may not fit with her beliefs, but it is her reality now. It is only one demon though, how bad can one little demon be?Chapter Thirteen All of the Scions seemed to attack in groups of four except once. I had no idea why ... I was trapped in my car driving, while something on the wrong side of a porcupine attacked me. ... I tried to use my right arm to grab the staff.

Title:The Last Sprite
Author:CC Ryburn
Publisher:Moral Imperative Publishing - 2015-07-21


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