The LaTex Web Companion

The LaTex Web Companion

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Published Jun 10, 1999 by Addison-Wesley Professional. Part of the Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting series. The series editor may be contacted at This book shows how you can publish LaTeX documents on the Web. LaTeX was born of the scientist's need to prepare well-formatted information, particularly with pictures and mathematics included; the Web was born of the scientist's need to communicate information electronically. Until now, it has been difficult to find solutions that address both needs. HTML and today's Web browsers deal inadequately with the nontextual components of scientific documents. This book, at last, describes tools and techniques for transforming LaTeX sources into Web formats for electronic publication, and for transforming Web sources into LaTeX documents for optimal printing. qYou will learn how to: q Make full use of Acrobat with LaTeX Convert existing documents to HTML or XML Use mathematics in Web applications Use LaTeX to prepare Web pages Read and write simple XML/SGML Produce high-quality printed pages from Web-hosted XML or HTML pages qYou will find practical descriptions of: q LaTeX2HTML, which uses Perl to interpret LaTeX source and generate HTML TeX4ht, which redefines LaTeX's macros to generate HTML or XML Browser plugins, such as techexplorer, that are able to interpret mathematical markup directly Tools for authoring and interpreting XML Tools for translating XML into various output formats, using Cascading Style Sheets, DSSSL, or XSL Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) In addition to giving the Internet location of the software described in this book, the authors also provide a full, annotated catalogue of URLs for the standards and documentation relating to this fast-moving area. Many of the packages and programs described in this book are freely available in public software archives, and the source code for examples has been placed on CTAN, the TeX archives. 0201433117B04062001Since 1996, it has been possible to display PDF embedded in the major Web browsers, alongside HTML, using ... Embedding PDF in HTML pages; a€c JavaScript and VBScript programming in conjunction with PDF; a€c Processing forms data inanbsp;...

Title:The LaTex Web Companion
Author:Michel Goossens, S. P. Q. Rahtz, Sebastian Rahtz
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 1999


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