The Light Giver

The Light Giver

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Wanting to start a new life and get far away from his foster parents, that blame him for their problems, Dorrian Graves moves to a remote town called Dark River with his best friend, Conley Evans. The night after his arrival someone is brutally murdered not far from his apartment. A series of homicides begin that will change Dorrian and everyone involved forever. As the town is covered in fear, a mysterious man only known as The Light Giver appears to perform astonishing miracles and then is gone before anyone has a chance to get his description. Plagued with strange dreams and a message from The Light Giver, Dorrian finds that he's in the middle of the madness. The serial killer then does something no one is expecting. He proclaims, in a letter to the media, that he is to be known as God's Wrath and that he has been sent to kill all the false gods in Dark River. With the overwhelming number of fast-paced murders, Detective Warner T. Bradley and his partner, Detective Sam Weston, have no time to do a thorough investigation. In the midst of it all, Warner finds evidence that God's Wrath and a past killer who had gotten away could be the same person. Just when the detectives are in deep desperation and have lost all hope, evidence is found that is so strong it gives Warner the name of the killer Dorrian Graves. Warner and Sam initiate the biggest manhunt they've ever been part a of. Dorrian is on the run and doesn't realize it, but he is set on a path from God that will lead him to death, violence, and his inevitable destiny. Who is The Light Giver? Is he from God, or is he a madman in disguise? Who is God's Wrath? Will Dorrian choose to lose everything including his life in order to follow God's plan?Warner then brought his attention to the Dodge Neon. The doors were unlocked but sense he couldna#39;t see any blatant blood he decided to let forensics handle the search. As he slowly circled the car he examined every inch of the exterior andanbsp;...

Title:The Light Giver
Author:Christaan Salgado
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2012-11


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