The Little Red Writing Book Deluxe Edition

The Little Red Writing Book Deluxe Edition

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For Writing and Grammar Aficionados from All Walks of Life! This deluxe edition contains the complete contents of The Little Red Writing Book and The Little Gold Grammar Book. Whereas writing is based on principles a€“ in which writing is deemed better or worse, more effective or less effective a€“ grammar is based on rules, in which writing is deemed right or wrong, correct or incorrect. With coverage of the most useful writing principles and the most commonly encountered rules of grammar, The Little Red Writing Book Deluxe Edition is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to master those skills that will make a good writer even better. Enjoy the benefits of your own self-paced writing course: Writing has four pillars a€“ structure, style, readability, and grammar a€“ and each pillar is like the single leg of a sturdy chair. a€cStructure relates to organization and deciding in which order to present your ideas. Learn how to choose the best writing structure to develop your ideas, how to break your writing topic into two to four parts, and how to write with a top-down approach. a€cStyle describes how one writes, including how to use specific examples to support what is written. Learn how to make writing more simple, powerful, and vivid. Understand how to vary sentence beginnings, how to create a formal and informal tone, and how to keep writing gender neutral. a€cReadability focuses on presentation and how to make your document visually pleasing and easy to read. Learn how to make key words stand out, how to use headings and headlines to a€œframea€ writing, and how to increase the use of white space to allow your document to a€œbreathe.a€ a€cGrammar is about expressing language in a correct and acceptable form. Review the rules of grammar in terms of six common categories (subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, modification, parallelism, comparisons, and verb tenses), and use short exercises and problems to help integrate key concepts of grammar, diction, idioms, and style. a€cAlso included are special sections on editing tips and punctuation, America English vs. British English, and traditional writing vs. digital writing. a€œAppropriate for its audience of ambitious students and professionals a€” those who have plenty of brains, but need a little brush-up with the pen.a€ a€”Publishers Weekly Online ReviewsWith a subject: Selling is difficult because it requires practical experience and personal initiative. 2. With a phrase: For many reasons, selling is difficult. 3. Withaclause: Because itrequires bothpractical experience and personal initiative, sellinganbsp;...

Title:The Little Red Writing Book Deluxe Edition
Author:Brandon Royal
Publisher:Maven Publishing - 2013-01-01


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